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Achiote – Annatto Oil

“Achiote” or Annatto as it’s commonly known in the USA is highly used in Spanish cuisine. Seeds of he Achiote shrub (Bixa Orellana), native to Brazil, have a pleasant but subtle aroma and flavor, but it is for their color

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Elena’s Smoked Sweet Paprika and Tarragon Chicken

Sweet and sour… Don’t we all love a good pucker? Add a little smoke flavor and POW! you won’t know what hit you! I got this idea on a lazy day. Usually, I start a meal not really knowing what

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The Posh Latin’s Pantry

These are the staples that I RELIGIOUSLY keep in my pantry and fridge.  I make a all my condiments and seasonings ahead of time so I never run out. You would be surprised to find that you probably have these

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Come Shop With Me

People always ask me where I shop for my latin ingredients. It’s simple… On the internet. Most of my kitchen staples comes from a website. Everything delivered straight to my door. How convenient is that? When I need my most

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Elena’s Eggs Au Gratin

I sat and thought long and hard about what would be my first recipe to share with you. Breakfast! or brunch? who cares! I came up with this recipe years ago and I’m very happy to share it with you

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a little about myself…,

  Hi! And thanks for stopping by. So you found me! Great. Let me tell you a little about myself My name is Elena-Iveliz. I come from a beautiful and sunny island you all know as Puerto Rico. I was

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