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Hi! And thanks for stopping by.

So you found me! Great. Let me tell you a little about myself

My name is Elena-Iveliz. I come from a beautiful and sunny island you all know as Puerto Rico. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York in a household of eight. With a Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian/Colombian background and mixed family, I absorbed a fusion approach to Puerto Rican cuisine. I remember being four years old around the holidays when my mother thought I was old enough to start “guayando” yautía, green guineos and platanos verdes for the pasteles she’d make for our traditional holiday events. At 5, my kindergarten graduation present was learning how to make “moro,” a traditional blend of rice and beans. Since I was the oldest, I held rank and I always cooked with my mom. I might not have loved it then but I thank her and I love cooking now!

My hobbies are… Blogging, Vlogging, Photography, Writing, Collecting Designer Shoes & Accessories, Cooking, Reading, Stalking the Williams-Sonoma Website, Traveling, Sightseeing, AeroGardening, EXTREME Coupon Clipping (You know… for the sake of designer shoes) And Being a Tourist & Food Critic In My Beautiful City of New York.

I hope you will be enjoy this ride with me as I embark on this adventurous Culinary journey…

With Love,


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