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YouTube Channel Is Ready and SET! #ElenaIveliz

Ive decided to take my blogging up a notch and start video tutorials for my recipes. It’s going to be a beautiful ride and should be loads of fun! SUBSCRIBE NOW TO MY CHANNEL!

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My Apologies! That’s What Happens When You’re A New Blogger! HeHe

Hello everyone! My apologies to all that tried to post on my Blog. I didn’t take noticed I had the comment box unchecked. 😐 sowwy! 🙁 *I was wondering why no one posted on my posts!*   LOL 😀 I

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Not Such A Dummie After All!

  Gees! Finally, I’m UP! Sorry for the downtime everyone.  transferring hosting, pinning, domain moves and writing files isn’t one of my best qualities. After over 100 phone calls, driving everyone over at GoDaddy crazy I finally am SELF-HOSTED! YEAH!

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Neighborhood Watch Pledge

I will conduct myself ethically in all aspects of my blog and my interaction with other bloggers. I will give credit where credit is due when I use someone else’s recipe or idea, and I will not use anyone else’s

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