Neighborhood Watch Pledge

I will conduct myself ethically in all aspects of my blog and my interaction with other bloggers. I will give credit where credit is due when I use someone else’s recipe or idea, and I will not use anyone else’s images without their expressed written permission.

I will be aware of my surrounding when I visit blogs and other food related sites; and if I see content that I know belongs to others, I will make every effort to make them aware of the misuse immediately.

If I see a new or uninformed blogger making unethical mistakes, I will offer my guidance and support to help them understand what they did wrong. If my help is unwanted and they do not respond in a positive manner, I will turn over the case to the Neighborhood Watch for further action.

When notifying offending bloggers or sites, I will always be polite, friendly and act professionally. I will not respond negatively to anything they may say or do, and I will report any problems that I feel are unresolved to the neighborhood watch as soon as possible.

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